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It’s here, it is finally here!


Pumpkin Spice nutpods are my dairy-free creamer of choice these days.

Closely following pumpkin spice season is my least favorite season, flu season. This morning I took the girls to get our flu shots at Giant.

If you’re looking for flu shot providers, the CDC has a handy widget that will help you find one.


Summer is over




Day 90

Just under the wire with only two days to go. My office is cleaned and painted and organized and I am ready and eager to get back to work.

(It has five walls, hence the weird angles.)

Day 83


The biggest part of the downstairs remodel is finally done… at least, enough to move on to Marcus’s room. Over the last few weeks, I’ve patched and primed the walls of the main room, painted the ceiling and walls, and torn up the carpet and padding. Yesterday I helped Matthew install the last fidgety bits of the bamboo flooring that we’ve had acclimating downstairs for the last five years.

This was my main goal for my sabbatical — getting the sewing/crafting/printing/whatever stuff out of my office and the living room and into the downstairs. I am no longer the Keeper of the Laminator, and the basement is gradually turning into a combined makerspace and reading area for adults and kids alike.

The next phase of my plan is moving Marcus out of his room, giving it the same treatment, and then running baseboards and trim for the entire downstairs area at the same time. At present, we’re at a good holding place for moving “making stuff” into one place in the house.


Day 79