Yup, that’s me. Been that way since forever. Or as my husband told our middlest-ish kid, “We’ve been around for awhile.” There’s some backstory about the why of that name and the early Internet, but that’s for another time.

So it has been my moniker since 2004. It has been mostly great, but there have been some hiccups.

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Today was one of those hiccups. I started getting email from about something I’d purchased… only I hadn’t. apparently doesn’t verify emails on account creation which, in case you hadn’t guessed, leads to problems. customer support (on the phone line listed for security issues, no less!) also happened to have no idea of how to handle this. The representative pretty much vapor locked when I called them to explain the situation and request that my email address be removed from the account. “We can’t do that because we can’t verify you for security purposes.” Massive facepalm.

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Sunday always comes too late

Today’s adventure in taking things apart and hopefully fixing them: Becca’s passed down mid-2012 MacBook Air needed an LCD cable replacement so it could be passed down to Abby for online school. It now needs a new iSight camera… so far.

All my nopes — I’ve never taken a MacBook apart at the hinge before and it is gut-wrenchingly unpleasant.

Hopefully the WiFi cable survived what has been one of the most unfriendly teardowns yet. I still have to test the battery, but it’ll have to wait on more parts before I reassemble this monstrosity.