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Links For 14 September 2008

: Authentic recipe for Greek lemon and rice soup.

Links For 31 August 2008

[Chuckwagon diner outdoor camping recipes](http://www.chuckwagondiner.com/)
: Basic outdoor cooking methods and recipes.

[Food storage recipes](http://beprepared.com/recipes.asp_Q_ai_E_3_A_c2r_E_ln_A_name_E_Recipes)
: Cooking with basic storage preps, dehydrated ingredients, etc.

Links For 16 August 2008

[Make your own Oreos](http://www.chocolatebytes.com/make-your-own-oreos/)
: Recipe for homemade Oreos. Make gluten-free by substituting appropriate flours.

Links For 04 August 2008

[Closet cleanout – the woman in her 30s](http://www.wardrobeoxygen.com/2008/07/closet-clean-out-woman-in-her-30s.html)
: What to keep and what to trash when you hit your thirties.

[The little black box](http://thelittleblackboxes.com/)
: Advertise small business products via mail sampling.

: Flubber recipe from OMSI using Borax and white glue.

Links For 16 June 2008

[Doughnut muffins](http://community.livejournal.com/bakebakebake/1326287.html)
: A best-of-both-worlds recipe. Taste of doughnuts, ease of muffins.

[Luscious lemon slices](http://www.insanitytheory.net/kitchenwench/2008/06/15/luscious-lemon-slices/)
: Recipe from “Mix & Bake” by Belinda Jeffery.

[The cheapest fruits and vegetables month-by-month](http://frugalliving.about.com/od/foodsavings/tp/Cheapest_Produce.htm)
: Month-by-month lists of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

[The best time to buy everything](http://frugalliving.about.com/od/bargainshopping/tp/Best_Time_To_Buy_Everything.htm)
: Lists of when common foods and household items are generally on sale. (In-season foods, closeout household items.)

[Ten dollar meals](http://busycooks.about.com/od/dinnerrecipes/a/tendollarmeals.htm?r=9F)
: A variety of meal plans for under ten dollars.

: A cross-referenced code library of Open Source PHP projects.

Links For 23 May 2008

[Beginner sourdough loaf](http://www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/baked-good/recipe-beginner-sourdough-loaf-048192)
: Recipe that focuses on getting sourdough flavor without the slow-rise sourdough technique.

[Vedic mathematics](http://www.hinduism.co.za/vedic.htm)
: Algorithms for arithmetic.

: Regular expression generator for multiple programming languages.

[Hillbilly housewife](http://www.hillbillyhousewife.com/index.htm)
: A recipe site focusing on low-cost cooking from scratch.

[An old-fashioned education](http://oldfashionededucation.com/index.html)
: A directory of free homeschool curricula, literature, and text books.

Links For 13 April 2008

[Computer assisted chemistry tutorial](http://www.science.uwaterloo.ca/~cchieh/cact/index.html)
: Information and tutorials on university level general chemistry.

[Food timeline](http://www.foodtimeline.org/index.html)
: A history of food and historic recipes.