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Madeline, on my total lack of Minecraft building coordination: “Don’t you usually fix things?!?”


Madeline: “I think it just NPCs your avatar.”
Me: dies from immense geekiness of offspring

Me: Salsa for breakfast?
Becca: With chips… and technically, it’s fruit salad.

The greater good

I took the kids to the doctor for their yearly checkups earlier this week, and as it turned out, Abby needed a Hepatitis A booster. Dr. B commented that she was sorry since Abby probably hadn’t been expecting to get any shots.

Abby replied, completely serious, “I don’t like shots, but they are for the greater good.”


You Can’t Handle the Tooth

> __Madeline__ Can I write the tooth fairy a letter?
> __Me__ Don’t worry, she’ll get it.
> __Madeline__ How does the tooth fairy know to come get my tooth?
> __Me__ She knows.
> __Madeline__ Did you call her?



food is an asymmetric information problem or just a poor explosive
anyway or gonna get expensive, for all sorts of reasons. or undefined
or good! or cancelled for this Friday and next as the house will be
packed, PACKED, with people or excellent and surprisingly cheap


> Rebecca What happens when I’ve gone through all the ballet levels?
> Matthew You get to fight the boss, obviously.