If I were a cobbler, my children would be walking around on bloody stumps. (Thankfully, I am not a cobbler.) That is to say, my own web site is more of an afterthought than it should be.

Where I’m coming from:

  1. Matthew and I married when I was 18. I had Marcus when I was 19. We’ve been married 14 17 almost 20 years. We have four children: Marcus, Rebecca, Madeline, and Abigail.
  2. My children are were homeschooled most of their lives because I remember the bullying and meanness and sheer stupidity of elementary and middle school, and I wanted to spare them that experience.
  3. I am definitely an introvert. When I fake being social, it really doesn’t work. Small groups, good. Big groups, overwhelming.
  4. I have perfectionistic tendencies.
  5. I started coding PHP as a hobby for fun. I’ve also taken math classes for fun. My idea of fun is probably not normal.
  6. I operated as J.M. Dodd Illustration & Design for eight years, until I figured out that I was doing no illustration and very little graphic design and a whole lot of development. I rebranded as Uncommon Content LLC in January of 2012. In March of 2013 I joined Automattic as a Code Wrangler.
  7. I like to learn new things.