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Links For 03 November 2008

: Royalty-free vector patterns.

: Flickr group featuring original chiyogami patterns.

: Print custom fabric on demand.

Links For 03 October 2008

[How to view C-SPAN streams with Flip4Mac WMV player](http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=20080917214511122)
: Direct access URLs for C-SPAN streams.

Links For 16 September 2008

[The Fabric Fairy](http://thefabricfairy.com/)
: Source of European, Japanese, and boutique fabrics, notions, and patterns.

[NearSea Naturals](http://www.nearseanaturals.com/)
: Source of organic cotton, hemp, and wool blend fabrics.

[The Bamboo Fabric Store](http://www.bamboofabricstore.com/)
: Source of bamboo and bamboo-blend fabrics.

[Fabric Hound](http://www.fabrichound.com/store/index.php)
: Source of European fabrics, notions, and patterns.

[Bunte Fabrics](http://www.buntefabrics.com/)
: Source of European fabrics, notions, and patterns.

Links For 14 September 2008

: Authentic recipe for Greek lemon and rice soup.

Links For 31 August 2008

[Chuckwagon diner outdoor camping recipes](http://www.chuckwagondiner.com/)
: Basic outdoor cooking methods and recipes.

[Food storage recipes](http://beprepared.com/recipes.asp_Q_ai_E_3_A_c2r_E_ln_A_name_E_Recipes)
: Cooking with basic storage preps, dehydrated ingredients, etc.

Links For 16 August 2008

[Make your own Oreos](http://www.chocolatebytes.com/make-your-own-oreos/)
: Recipe for homemade Oreos. Make gluten-free by substituting appropriate flours.

Links For 13 August 2008

[Adjust WordPress autosave or disable it completely](http://www.untwistedvortex.com/2008/06/27/adjust-wordpress-autosave-or-disable-it-completely/)
: Instructions for methods that disable or delay the WP autosave functions.

[Delete WordPress 2.6 revisions](http://andreineculau.com/blog/2008/07/delete-wordpress-26-revisions/)
: Instructions for disabling WP 2.6 revisions and deleting the offending rows in wp_posts, wp_postmeta, and wp_termrelationships.