25 January 2008


* I made muffins and eggs and bacon for breakfast.
* I spent four hours on the phone. Four. Hours.
* I made beef enchiladas for dinner. Extra hot and delicious!
* Strat and his sister came over for the Friday fooding. Rebecca gave his sister a friendship bracelet, and had her hair brushed. Recessive girl genes, I swear.

3 thoughts on “25 January 2008

  1. We now have free-range chickens! I just gathered 18 eggs this evening alone! Chickens are the easiest, most rewarding animals we have ever owned. You bake so often–have you ever considered getting a chicken or two? Check out these Eglus (there’s no way I’d ever pay this much, but they sure are cute) http://www.mcmurrayhatchery.com/product/eglu.html

  2. We’ve thought about it, but we’re living inside the city limits. Not that it stops our neighbors…

    When I get my 40 acres, though, it’ll be another matter entirely.

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