24 January 2008


* I awoke to the sound of vomiting. I had gone up in the night to settle Madeline and fallen asleep in the bottom bunk, and when Rebecca woke up moaning and groaning I told her to go get a bucket. She did, and then I fell back asleep, and then… vomiting. At least she had a bucket.
* I did a problem at the board, and it was a really nice one with completing the square within the square root in the denominator. It was my favorite from the homework, too.
* I stopped by the doctor’s office on my way home and got an MMR booster because when I was pregnant with Madeline, my titer for rubella was low and the midwives figured I ought to get it updated if we wanted to have more children.
* I went to Bloom and bought ingredients for beef enchiladas and Caesar salads and bananas and chips and salsa. Oh, and ginger ale and saltine crackers and rice noodles and white grape juice.

One thought on “24 January 2008

  1. Despite getting rubella vaccines after each pregnancy, my titer remains low. After this last baby, they finally gave up trying to give me that shot!

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