16 January 2008


* We found Rebecca’s original ballet slippers in the lost and found at ballet. After I’d written her name on the new ones with Sharpie.
* I bought a pack of floss for her budding friendship bracelet hobby. I was getting tired of her raiding my small, small stash.
* I did most of my math homework. Yay, length of a curve and work.
* Madeline ate four of Cinderella’s slippers, and I told Rebecca that there was no way that I was fishing through poopy diapers to find them. Goodbye, glass slippers.
* I watched _Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles_ on FOX’s web site. Are they ignoring _T3: Rise of the Machines_ completely, or will it be worked back into the timeline later on? I wonder. It may be like _Highlander 2_, where it exists but isn’t considered canon.

2 thoughts on “16 January 2008

  1. They are totally ignoring three, I think. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Two was a very strong film and it makes sense to start from there.

    Especially with the Christian Bale-as-John Connor film coming out, it’s a good opportunity to do a retcon.

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