14 January 2008


* I printed out my temporary parking tag for NVCC.
* I made Thai beef green curry for my dinner while everyone else had leftover basil chicken. Tamarind just annoys my mouth.
* The baby had beans and rice for lunch.
* Another house on my daily dog-walking route went on the market. It is right next to one that has been on the market for at least three months.

3 thoughts on “14 January 2008

  1. The curry is really easy to cook, actually; I just buy a tin of green curry paste, two cans of coconut milk, a few long purple eggplants, and a package of frozen thinly sliced ribeye (or other beef) from World Mart. Fry the paste in a wok with one can of coconut milk. While it’s frying, slice up an eggplant and chop the beef slices into thin strips; dump them and the last can of coconut milk into the wok and stir occasionally until the eggplant is soft and the beef is cooked.

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