The Anything Cabinet

### Found

* Candles, candleholders, a vase, and a crystal platter.
* Space for my set of Martha Stewart storage containers that I purchased to replace my missing Gladware. They arrived the day before Thanksgiving, much to my relief, because otherwise leftover storage would have been difficult and messy.
* Rose-shaped scented soaps.
* Skewers.
* Light bulbs, light bulbs, light bulbs. Did I mention light bulbs?

### Discarded

* Baby bottle nipples so old that the rubber had degraded. Becca claimed one silicone one so she could feed her baby dolls with a bottle.
* The shredding part of a cheese grater that I no longer own.
* A telephone book from 2004.

Thankfully, my kitchen is almost entirely organized. It still needs a little work in the hotspot near the oven, but that pile has been slowly reduced as I’ve been cleaning in other areas. I also need to sort through the kids’ shoes and figure out what is too small, what is out of season, and what is worn through.