The Kitchen Bins And Anything Drawer

### Found

* A billion lighter flints, safety pins, thumbtacks, rubber bands, keys, hinges, and screws.
* All of my measuring cups and spoons.
* Many Gladware(r) lids, not so many Gladware containers.
* Assorted coins, which Rebecca immediately claimed for her piggy bank.
* All of the pieces of my cookie press, meat grinder attachment, grating attachment, and pastry bag.
* Cookie cutters galore!

### Discarded

* Two dead onions. Really dead. Or undead. They were hiding their zombie status.
* Two Pyrex lids whose casseroles were long gone. (I weep at the loss of my casseroles, though.)
* Rubber baby bottle nipples.
* Dead batteries. Again with the dead.

I also took the opportunity to re-season my Lodge(r) cast iron Dutch oven, and to wash each bin in the bathtub before putting it back on the clean counter and re-organizing all of the contents. Tomorrow, the cabinets and the other kitchen counter.

2 thoughts on “The Kitchen Bins And Anything Drawer

  1. What is it with the Gladware lids?! I know they come in matched sets, but right now I have about ten spare lids for Gladware that doesn’t exist any more, and since I only throw it out in sets… This makes no sense. At all.

  2. I honestly don’t know. Evil lids! I even found some ancient Ziplock lids… It is a plot by Gladware et al. to make me buy more containers, but I am resisting!

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