The Boxes Near The Front Door

So, after a busy morning of going to the courthouse to take care of paperwork and fixing lunch with no bread in the house (must bake bread, and soon) and taking Rebecca to gymnastics and finishing up the day’s lessons, I finally settled down by the front door and did a preliminary sweep through the boxes stacked next to it.

### Found

* A school-aged children census form from May (but it doesn’t count, because I did ask them to resend it and they never did).
* A Queen CD.
* The One Ring (again).

### Discarded

* One bag full of ripped up credit card applications.
* Two feathers from my feather duster.
* Three BH&G magazines full of space-saving ideas for houses that are three times the size of mine.

### Left for later

* Six inches of paperwork (still in envelopes) that needs to be filed later this evening.