The Floor Of The Southeast Corner Of The Living Room

Matthew and the kids are outside finishing the shed while I’m dealing with the house. Last night I baked cinnamon rolls so that there was something for breakfast other than toast; alas, they tend to evaporate rather quickly with the kids.

### Found

* Origami paper.
* A million Bic black pens.
* A pair of moccasins, size 11.
* A tin whistle and a wooden fife.
* An Elm manual.
* Ten pes{o~}s.
* A collection of Matthew’s 5{1/4}” floppy disks, including such classic titles as Bankstreet Writer.

### Discarded

* An “under construction” sign.
* Two bags of paper trash.
* A jingle bell, minus the jingle.

### Rendered accessible

* The DVD/CD cases.
* The bookshelves.
* The floor.