Every morning after breakfast, I sweep my kitchen floor and then wash it. My kitchen floor has never been so clean.

I heart my Swiffer Wet-Jet. That is all.

In case you were wondering, these extra-short entries are because I have one corporate web site due on Monday and one weblog overhaul due next Saturday–not to mention the illustration gig I’m negotiating and the one that I am still considering for a bid.


I hate ants. I hate them with a visceral deep-down sort of rage that makes me see red every time a tiny black insect marches into my kitchen from a crack at the bottom of the screen door. I hate them, and I smite them with copious amounts of Raid.

Smiting makes me feel happy. Thanks, Mom.

Lomo Effects

[Adactio Photoshop Actions](http://adactio.com/articles/display.php/photoshop_actions/1) is a set of tutorials and downloadable actions for creating various effects in Photoshop, including a Lomo and a painted effect.

[Lomoize](http://www.redscreen.net/photolog/fun.html) has instructions for creating a Lomo effect in Photoshop using either a downloadable action or the detailed tutorial.

Wake Up In The Morning

Not having a car is not so much fun, although it meant I got a workout this morning. The kids were clamoring for breakfast and I had no cereal, no milk, and not much else (except for eggs, which were a complete failure last night). I left them with Matthew on the couch watching _Between the Lions_ and walked to the Sheetz station that is three blocks away to pick up half a gallon of milk and a box of Frosted Flakes.

This doesn’t make me a bad mother, or a great mother–it just makes me a tired mother.

Surprises From Singapore

Imagine my surprise when a package arrived this morning that was stamped _Par Avion_ direct from Singapore. In it was a beautiful swatch of fabric–two yards of a thick, cotton blend woven fabric with gold brocaded geometric borders of varying widths along the length of it. I envision a long, fitted skirt… or a sheath dress with cap sleeves… or even a tailored shirt with long, flowing sleeves that are slit to the elbows, creating a kimono effect.

Timo, you’ve outdone yourself. Thank you.