Lomo Effects

[Adactio Photoshop Actions](http://adactio.com/articles/display.php/photoshop_actions/1) is a set of tutorials and downloadable actions for creating various effects in Photoshop, including a Lomo and a painted effect.

[Lomoize](http://www.redscreen.net/photolog/fun.html) has instructions for creating a Lomo effect in Photoshop using either a downloadable action or the detailed tutorial.

2 thoughts on “Lomo Effects

  1. Okay, that’s pretty cool. I love my Lomo, though it’s more from the process than … um. I don’t know how to express this. Trying again: I love my Lomo because it put the mystique back into photography for me. But being able to Lomo-ize something is a funky concept.

  2. I think that one of these days I’ll see the light and try my hand at actual photography with a Lomo. Up until now, it’s been digital pictures of kids and cats, cats and kids. In short, I think I have camera envy.

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