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03 January 2010


* I made a plugin options page for my whatever-the-heck-it-is and started sorting out shortcodes from filters from configuration settings.
* I upgraded three more installations of WordPress to 2.9.
* I made an options page for my framework/theme thing. It updates options! It has multi-dimensional arrays!

02 January 2010


* The house heat broke. Then Matthew fixed it. (Because, actually, he broke it in the first place. Minor detail.)
* I picked up some LED Christmas lights from the hardware store for $2 per string. Madeline and Becca now have colored crystals all over their bunk bed; Marcus used his to decorate the Nerf gun hanging on his wall. (I totally want to go back for more on Monday.)
* Chinese food did not agree with Abigail at all. More laundry. Lots and lots of laundry.
* I made guacamole. Mmm, guacamole.

01 January 2010


* I converted most of from [Textile](http://textile.thresholdstate.com/) to [Markdown](http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/). Certain behaviors in Textile were giving me conniptions, like enclosing perfectly fine `

`s with `

`s just for the heck of it. I was in the midst of recoding shortcodes as filters to avoid this behavior when I threw in the towel. (Yes, I know about `notextile..`. No, it was not sufficient.)
* I made [link slug=”mongolian-beef”] for dinner. Zakk came over, we remarked on how _Kenny vs. Spenny_ has totally jumped the shark.
* I resolved some issues with my tab shortcode. It just needs some JavaScript tweaking and for me to sort out how to do nice `id`s.
* Madeline and I watched [Alma](http://vimeo.com/4749536) together. Sweet and horrifying at the same time.

05 August 2009


* L. and I met up at House of Bounce for their morning bounce session. Abigail managed to spit up all over my shirt in spite of careful handling. Marcus sprained his wrist. Madeline refused to leave. Good times!
* I made an awesome [link slug=”hot-crab-dip-and-crostini”] to bring over to my weekly girls’-night-in with L.
* Abigail woke up from a nap and her mosquito bite was well on its way to being infected, so we took her to Emergicare. Antibiotics for the next week, etc. (As I write this, it already looks much better.)

05 November 2008


* I took Madeline to storytime at the library. She sat on the carpet with the other kids, made a bear puppet, and had me all to herself for an hour.
* Becca turned eight. I made an angel food cake (from a box, I’m no martyr) and pizza from scratch. And gluten-free pizza for Matthew because I love him so.
* I cleaned and reorganized the kitchen countertops up to the oven. Tomorrow, the stovetop and the top of the refrigerator. Fear.

11 July 2008


* The kids had a makeup swimming lesson since their Wednesday lesson was rained out.
* We drove to the hospital so I could have an ultrasound. (No, not _that_ kind of ultrasound.) My chest was gelled and squished and generally made uncomfortable for a diagnosis of nope, nothing. (Which is good, a diagnosis of nothing is _good_, just uncomfortable.) Marcus and Becca watched Spongebob in the waiting room while I strapped Madeline into her stroller and fed her jellybeans. The ultrasound tech was highly amused with the jellybean technique. I hate Spongebob.
* We stopped by the fabric store to pick up thread, and Bloom to pick up hot dog buns and lettuce.
* I vacuumed the living room and kitchen and Swiffered the kitchen.
* Matthew brought home a washer and dryer from Craigslist. I now have a washing machine that does not sound like a twin turbo jet engine when it runs the spin cycle. Also? I no longer have to turn it to spin cycle manually. I can actually wash a load of laundry without having to babysit every cycle change!
* The old washing machine, in a fit of pique out of a Stephen King novel, burped water the entire trip down the stairs. Much cursing ensued. A sledgehammer cannot be taken to it soon enough.

03 July 2008


* The kids did their swimming tests at Stonewall Park Pool. Rebecca passed RC Level 3, Marcus almost passed–he failed the backstroke. No big deal, though, as they’ve still got four more weeks of classes ahead of them
* We went to Costco. I would love shopping there if only they would stop creating massive traffic jams with their sample stations. We picked up ground beef and buns for burgers on the 4th.
* I unearthed entries from my previous server and wrote a script to translate the PostgreSQL Movable Type entries (and comments) into MySQL WordPress INSERT statements. Pasted them into the SQL tab of phpMyAdmin and suddenly I’ve got 41 more posts from 2004. I dread writing the Perl parser to do the next batch–HTML only. Possibly from Greymatter. Scary stuff.