11 July 2008


* The kids had a makeup swimming lesson since their Wednesday lesson was rained out.
* We drove to the hospital so I could have an ultrasound. (No, not _that_ kind of ultrasound.) My chest was gelled and squished and generally made uncomfortable for a diagnosis of nope, nothing. (Which is good, a diagnosis of nothing is _good_, just uncomfortable.) Marcus and Becca watched Spongebob in the waiting room while I strapped Madeline into her stroller and fed her jellybeans. The ultrasound tech was highly amused with the jellybean technique. I hate Spongebob.
* We stopped by the fabric store to pick up thread, and Bloom to pick up hot dog buns and lettuce.
* I vacuumed the living room and kitchen and Swiffered the kitchen.
* Matthew brought home a washer and dryer from Craigslist. I now have a washing machine that does not sound like a twin turbo jet engine when it runs the spin cycle. Also? I no longer have to turn it to spin cycle manually. I can actually wash a load of laundry without having to babysit every cycle change!
* The old washing machine, in a fit of pique out of a Stephen King novel, burped water the entire trip down the stairs. Much cursing ensued. A sledgehammer cannot be taken to it soon enough.