Goodbye, Cruel Tonsils

Two weeks ago, I walked into an operating room and finally, after years of dealing with sore throats and general ick-factor, had my tonsils removed. I spent four days on Vicodin, then switched it up for Tylenol 3, then went completely off pain meds five days ago.

Since then, I have had a dream every single night. I can’t remember the last time I had a dream that didn’t involve Nyquil.

I have stopped snoring. This is a good thing, because previously, I snored like a freight train, complete with gasping for air every so often.

A thick coating of yellow pollen is on every surface outside, and I have a teensy weensy post-nasal drip. Normally, I’d be in agony because my throat would be a mass of grossness. I’m avoiding taking decongestants right now because I don’t want to dry out my still-healing throat, but the effects of pollen are minimal at best.

In short, the operation and recovery were totally worth it.