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Rocket Science

Marcus: Mom, if you were a character in a comic book, and there was a web site about the comic book, and there was a page for your character on the web site, your famous quote would be “Rocket science this is not.”


In the car on the way home from Thanksgiving, with Abigail wailing and Rebecca singing to her and me swiftly succumbing to Madeline’s cold.

Rebecca: Mom, do you know any other Christmas carols I can sing to her?
Me: My throat is sore and I have no voice.
Rebecca: I don’t know the words to that one.

Wheels Spinning, Spinning Wheels

While reviewing [Flickr](http://www.flickr.com/) images for a web site banner, Marcus poked his nose over my shoulder.

Marcus: What is all that?
Me: Yarn.
Marcus: That’s a lot of yarn.
Me: Yes, it is.
Marcus: So, do they have yarn making machines?
Me: Yes, they’re called spinning wheels.
Marcus: Oooooooh.


Me: Madeline, you’re tired.
Madeline: No, I’m not, I’m _Madeline_!

Happy Birthdays!

Me: … and then we’ll have cake.
Madeline: Happy birthdays!
Me: That’s right, it’s Becca’s birthday.
Madeline: No, _my_ birthdays.
Me: Nice try.

Um, No

Yesterday was the third midwife appointment. Very regular checkup, I’m kind of an old hat at this. Madeline got to sit on my lap and the midwife showed her an illustration of a baby at about the right size and she pointed out arms and legs and ears and whatnot. Then Madeline got to push the button that turns on the Doppler so we could hear the heartbeat.

Last night…
Madeline: See baby now!
Me: Okay.
Madeline: Jelly button?
Me: Yes, that’s my jelly button.
Madeline: Push button! Heart!
Me: Yes, you heard the baby’s heart.
Madeline: Baby inside?
Me: Yes, the baby is inside.
Madeline: Door?

According To Madeline…

…the four women’s gymnastics events are hanging, falling, jumping, and dancing. Her favorite is hanging.