Life, The Universe, And Everything

### On family

Everyone is doing fine. The kids will be wrapping up their school year with standardized testing next week, the baby is past her spitting-up phase and well into her teething phase, and the husband and I continue to pursue our various hobbies and interests.

### On going back to school

I bit the bullet and signed up for a summer math class at the local community college. I will at some point try to sanitize my previous class history by importing it into my student record, but I’m not counting on that. Hence the stint at community college before even thinking about university.

### On work

So unmotivated. I have been trying to wrap up projects that are important to me without alienating everyone involved because I am just so pooped. Summer’s early arrival isn’t helping.

### On hobbies

I recently picked up wire wrapping as a jewelry technique and have been playing around a bit with copper, glass, and seed beads. Once Matthew has finished making a lightbox, I’ll start uploading them to Etsy. If web is work, this is definitely hobby.

### On Six Apart and Livejournal

Wow, what a clusterfuck. For a company that makes communication tools, their communication skills are… limited. I’ve been saying this for years now, but… wow.

### Open invitation to the LJ-flist

I’m in the NoVA area. If anyone is interested in going to DC museum/attractions, local events and festivals, or having an afternoon crafting session, give me a ping. Kids optional.