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Links For 02 November 2007

[Vanilla saffron imports](http://www.saffron.com/)
: Purveyors of whole vanilla beans and saffron.

[50 tips to unclutter your blog](http://www.skelliewag.org/50-tips-to-unclutter-your-blog-44.htm)
: Reduce clutter, save bandwidth.

[Rogue science](http://www.roguesci.org/)
: Stop the dumbing down of science! Fight the man!

Bibbity Bobbity Boo!

Today, I turned three linear feet of knitting books, cookbooks, and miscellaneous adult fiction (I never did get around to reading _House of Leaves_) into a store credit and two linear feet of children’s fiction.

I consider that a job well done.


I have cleaned far, far too much in the past two weeks, and I’m just getting started.

Depression sucks. Cleaning helps.

I now have a desk of my very own, with drawers of my very own, at which I can sit and do my very own work. Not that I’ve gotten to use it much, as I’m still cleaning everything else.

But at least I no longer have a system of piles for storage in my bedroom.

My sphere of cleanliness increases daily!

The Triumphant Hunter Returns

Matthew has begun the lengthy process of emptying out his office to prepare for the inevitable gutting of the northern-facing exterior wall of the house.

Tonight, he found mice. Lots of mice. Thankfully, these are not dead, just obsolete.