Day 3

Mom came over this afternoon and we went to Madeline’s D.A.R.E. program graduation. The kids did indeed sing a sappy song (Madeline’s description, but clearly she is my daughter), a few students read the essays they’d written about what D.A.R.E. meant to them, the deputy who taught the program read her essay, and then the county sheriff gave a speech and also performed sleight-of-hand magic tricks. It was one of the more interesting kid-related things I’ve attended.


I’m pretty sure the dogs have Mom trained to give tummy rubs and not the other way around. (That’s unfolded laundry in baskets around her. Mom is the universe’s answer to entropy.)


This was also our first evening at Thursday puppy kindergarten class. Harper knows “sit” like a pro and has almost gotten “down”. She is also totally devoted to Abby and it shows whenever we have to do something like blind recalls or loose-leash/no-leash walking.


I’m looking forward to tomorrow — my hammock is supposed to arrive! My watch also tells me that I’m finally starting to wind down from the last couple of weeks of work. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of it, just… tuning out and turning off for a bit is really welcome. Upgrades are like spaghetti — sometimes the noodles align nicely on your fork, and sometimes you end up covered in sauce.