Puppy love

For the past couple of months, the children have been been waiting very eagerly for today. (I will admit that I was also counting down, but only in a very adult way.) Matthew and I drove out to western Virginia and brought home the newest member of our family.

Meet Carson! We debated naming him Khan, or Witness, or having the little girls fight it out in the Thunderdome, but really, the name he came with suits him quite well.


He has already decided that Matthew’s shoulders are an excellent resting place.


Becca was ambivalent about having another dog around the house until she saw him. Carson is now learning how to solve equations involving logarithms and exponents. He finds this helps him get a good night’s sleep.


He also enjoys reading bedtime stories and giving kisses to the little girls.


I have also discovered a little-known side effect of having a puppy — my office is cleaner than it has been in… a long, long time.

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  1. Ever since we got Ziggy, the kitchen floor has been spotless! We won’t talk about the hair everywhere else, though… 🙂

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