Last week, Matthew and I spent a few hours planting 80 red osier dogwoods up and down the powerline cut because I’d mistakenly received someone else’s trees in the mail. When I called the company, they shrugged and said to keep them, and since I didn’t want to waste plants…

Then I got an email telling me I’d mistakenly been shipped unlabeled Jersey Supreme instead of Jersey Knight asparagus. This weekend, I doubled the size of my asparagus bed by hacking out more stupid English ivy and forsythia and roses and planting another 25 crowns. The Jersey Supreme grew over two feet in the last two weeks; I’m pretty sure the Jersey Knight will be aboveground by tomorrow.


The cacti are doing well. I was afraid the pads were dead on arrival, but they rooted just fine and are producing little baby pads. I’m hoping to germinate some Italian caperberry plants to grow near them, since they all like rocky soil.


I’m still waiting on cranberry bushes and wintergreen and pecan trees. I had mixed results with the bush cherries and may end up needing to find a different edible to plant in front of the house.

Fingers crossed that the lilies of the valley win the turf war over the periwinkle. I detest periwinkle. The daylilies are okay, we just have too many of them.