21 April 2010


* I took 贝贝 (Rebecca) to her Mandarin lesson. She’s making steady progress, and will be taking more lessons over the summer. Her teacher is studying Accounting at NVCC, and I am eternally grateful that she’s willing to work with 贝贝 every week.
* I had actual leftovers available in the refrigerator so that it was a simple matter of reheating [link slug=”lamb-pilaf”]lamb pilaf[/link] before running out the door to yoga.
* I ordered my Adobe CS4 upgrade. I am not sure if it falls into the “post-announce upgrade policy for single-user products” window, but my CS1 is so far out of date that it is totally worthless on Snow Leopard. Must stay on upgrade path!
* I placed my second order with Holy Cow Delivery for milk! Delivered! To my front door! (Marcus totally loves the name–it tickles his funny bone.)