I had my second midwife appointment today. Everything was fine in spite of the massive cold I had that has left me hacking and coughing and generally gross. (Living through a cold with only Tylenol and lemon tea is so not fun.) The kids were quite impressed when she found the heartbeat, and all is well.

We stopped by Ranger Surplus on the way home so Matthew could pick up magazine pouches. While he went in with Madeline, I marched Marcus and Becca down to Panera to get bagels and lemonade. Madeline said “Thank you, Mama” in the car about a million billion times as she munched her blueberry bagel. Very polite child.

Last stop was Wegmans for cheese. Stinky cheese. Cheese for me to fry. Mmm, cheese.

And Tilex, but that’s not delicious or cheese.