Grilling And Chilling

patriotic dresses

On the 4th of July, Rebecca bounded out of bed and got dressed in her brand new dress. The bounding! The hair fixing! (Honestly, the hair fixing. She brushed it without being told. This is a lovely development.)

not sharing

Marcus and Rebecca worked on their sharing skills while we fired the grill for burgers and hot dogs.


Kaylee trotted around to see how close she could get to unprotected meat. Alas, no success there. Marcus and I worked on her “come” skills with fresh green bean pieces between flipping burgers. She did get to finish Madeline’s hot dog.

still goofing off

The kids had a great time playing outside. We ate just before it started to drizzle off and on.

green bean lost, but not forgotten

Madeline lost her green bean to the neighbor’s dog. I got her another one.