10 February 2008


* There was a mighty wind, strong enough to blow lawn chairs all over the yard.
* When Rebecca was playing outside on a tree in the back of the yard, three little boys in the adjoining yard asked to see her “peepee hole”. She showed them her pocketknife instead. They threw it at her. Matthew talked me out of going back there and telling them off for being little pervs. We need a taller fence back there.
* I made a quick batch of vegetable soup with some chicken stock. Then I made instant chocolate pudding. Madeline ate her vegetables, and then her chocolate pudding. Unfortunately, she started sneezing while eating the pudding. At least I was wearing a shirt that’s already been stained. Yes, oh yes.
* We went grocery shopping at Bloom. It looks like prices went up across the board.
* I filed taxes. I hate doing taxes.