09 February 2008


* Matthew finally carried the baby’s cradle out to the storage container. Yes, we have a storage container in our backyard. Anyway, with it out of our room, I no longer have a convenient place to toss clean unfolded laundry. My laundry-piling days are over. Woe is me! Woe!
* He also brought the filing cabinet downstairs from the girls’ room. Now I can work on the second half of Marcus’s mess (the first half is entirely his own fault), which will mean that I’ve entirely decluttered the house except for Matthew’s office.
* Rebecca finished her flower and ladybug sampler and immediately launched into the teeny tiny bookmark with roses on it. Fear. I had to pick out the first row because I cannot count and started her off in the wrong place.
* Dishes. Laundry. Tossed the tennis ball for Kaylee and had doggie love showered upon me. Gave the baby the last banana.
* Madeline says “banana” now. She pronounces it “nanalabalabalaba”.
* Marcus called me up to his room to show me how well he was cleaning up. His floor was covered with red cups full of Legos. His Lego bin was half empty. I bit my tongue. Hard. And worked a bit alongside him consolidating things. His problem is that he wants to micro-clean–sorting Legos by color and shape, when what really needs to be done is macrocleaning–putting all the Legos into a bin and getting them off the floor.

One thought on “09 February 2008

  1. I know just how he feels! I am the micro-clean QUEEN! Mom would say "Put these away in your closet" and an hour later everything would be sorted by color and season. Sorry, it will only get worse. He may be destined to be an (gasp) engineer.

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