04 February 2008


* I ate a muffuletta for dinner. Well, half of one. It is the best sandwich in the whole wide world. It was, alas, homemade and not from Anthony’s Italian Deli, but I will live.
* I did the math assignment that I’ve been avoiding for the last week. It was not hard, I was just uninspired.
* Rebecca finished half of a flower on her new counted cross stitch kit. Suddenly math is important. Stitches left in a row, reading charts, oh no! Math!
* I caught Marcus reading instead of doing his grammar. He was sitting at his desk with his book in his lap so as to look like he was doing grammar. Like mother, like son?
* I accidentally left the top loose on the pail of dog food and we caught Kaylee just as she’d worked it off and was beginning to chew through the bag. Clever. She was most unhappy about having the whole five gallon pail taken away from her. I gave her a handful of frozen peas to make up for it.