02 February 2008


* The last (or next-to-last) 1099 came in the mail, so I did a quick run through of our taxes. Yay, taxes. I’ll have to block out some time with copious amounts of tea and chocolate to do the final tally.
* We went to WalMart and bought a belt for Rebecca and a scale for the bathroom. When we got home, we discovered that they had not rung up the belt on the receipt. We will go back on Monday to pay for it. Annoying.
* We went out to dinner at Bonefish. They have a gluten-free menu; I had trout with lemon butter, Matthew had a steak, and the baby had calamari tentacles, French fries, and key lime pie. The kids shared a brownie with strawberry sauce and vanilla ice cream for dessert after they cleaned their plates. It was really nice.

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