19 January 2008


* I mended Matthew’s dress pants with some black cotton fabric. Sewing black on black is horrific, especially if you’re using itty bitty teeny tiny stitches.
* I read way too much about IIS, MySQL, PHP, and MediaWiki. Ouch! My brain! It burns!
* I did one WordPress installation.
* Matthew and I stayed up late watching _Sunshine_. I was cool with it until it turned into _Event Horizon_. I did not sign up for _Event Horizon_. That kind of stuff keeps me up at night. I was highly unamused.
* So, I was already on edge from _Sunshine_ turning into a crappy horror movie, and lo, banging from outside. Matthew saw someone trying to kick in the neighbors’ door and I told him to call 9-1-1 because it was one in the freaking morning. The police came. The next two hours consisted of our neighbors auditioning for the Jerry Springer show. Loudly. With plenty of police cars. And in temperatures below freezing. WTF, people, WTF.

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