Revisionist History

Long story very much abbreviated…

I ended up killing time at Borders with Madeline while Matthew, Marcus, and Rebecca caught _Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix_ at the local movie theater. On my way out, I impulsively picked up Judy Blume’s _Superfudge_ series from the clearance racks.

Marcus ran off with _Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing_ as soon as we got home, so I sat down with _Superfudge_. Three-fourths of the way through it, I was nastily yanked from my stroll through memory lane when I read this, emphasis mine:

bq. Dear Santa,
Please bring me one or more of the following items. A clock radio, a remote-controlled model airplane, *a laptop computer, an MP3 player and six CD’s*.

To which I say, bah and humbug. I am very much unamused.

2 thoughts on “Revisionist History

  1. That’s the same kind of crushing disappointment I felt when I found out the Nancy Drew books were regularly revised to include more up-to-date details. Bastards. Judy Blume, how could you let this happen!?!

  2. And yet she still makes reference to Fudge covering Tootsie with trading stamps, the kids seeing “Superman” at the movie theater, and the neighbor giving the kids homemade cookies when they’re trick-or-treating on Halloween. Fudge also gets apples in his bag.

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