Babies Are Gross

I think I have dried spit-up in my hair.

2 responses to “Babies Are Gross

  1. Ahh, dried baby custard, the sure sign of a well fed wee one.

  2. Ran across this blog, I’m really happy to see other granola parents in action. We too wear, co-sleep, cloth diaper and all that. We get funny looks but our kid is gonna grow up emotionally stable and healthy as opposed to so many others, so we don’t mind the glares. About the dried custard, my seven month old spit up on his stuffed tigger last night. I think the poor tiger is traumatized for life now.

    Here’s a pic of lil’ Nathanial:

    (we own a crib, he’s never slept in it and at this rate he probably never will 😉

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    Keep raising ’em right, the world will thank you.