Mental Clutter


Still recovering from the aggravation of having to switch content management systems. It used to be that I could recommend Movable Type to clients, but I find myself leaning towards Expression Engine for actual content management and WordPress or TextPattern for weblogs.

I have a box of canned formula somewhere in my living room. I ought to find it and donate it or something. My breasts are functioning just fine (if a little _too_ fine at times) and this box is just sitting there annoying me. More stuff for me to get rid of because it is taking up space! And not only that, but stuff that some people really need, so I’d feel bad if I just threw it out. Bah, humbug, formula companies!

Too many things on my to-do list. Today, though, is a day off. I will wash dishes and fold laundry and knit and otherwise goof off.

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