Poor Squishy

Squishy weighed in at 11 pounds, 12 ounces at her two month well baby checkup this morning. It would have been more if she hadn’t pooped beforehand. The doctor admired her Little Beetle ONE diaper and showed off the Snappi to the intern who was following him on his rounds. The intern looked a little puzzled by the use of cloth, but the doctor said that he wore cloth diapers when he was a baby. They fiddled with her feet and played poke the baby (but not too much, because I had been nursing her when they arrived) and said she was a “perfect baby”. Then they sent in a nurse to give her shots.

The weather was miserable, but I drove to and from the office without incident. First time driving since I was seven months pregnant or so, and it had to go and rain. After the appointment, I stopped at Giant on the way home to get milk and bread and cheese, just to prove that I could actually be out and about with the baby and without any backup.

The afternoon was royally trashed, though, when she woke up from her car-induced nap. Holy crap, the screaming; it was horrific, and I’ve never heard anything like it from her. Every time she moved her leg, it hurt. Because it hurt, she would scream. Because she was screaming, she would move her leg. Talk about miserable. Finally managed to find a perfect position for her to sleep in and settled in to hold her and snuggle her and make it all better.

It was a day. This evening I need to work on a PSD-to-CSS conversion and convert this blog to WordPress. I don’t think I can handle using Movable Type any longer. Every time I log in, I want to scream and tear my hair out.

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