Of Note

1. The only thing staving off the baby blues is large doses of chocolate in the form of Lindor truffles. Exhausted? Eat a chocolate. Frazzled? Have another. My complexion doesn’t seem to mind, neither does my waistline. From my hips to hers, as it were.
2. Her name is officially Squishy. Really, we were going to go with Madeline, but Squishy is so much more appropriate.
3. I did the cloth diaper thing. Prefolds are right up my alley; years of origami folding finally pay off.
4. Holy non-diaper-escaping baby crap, but [these diapers](http://betterforbabies.com/organic_cotton_diapers.html) are the bestest diapers ever. Matthew may finally be able to change a diaper on his own. I swear, I would totally buy underwear made out of this material. Softest. Velour. Ever. Ended up getting a few (a very few, but they are worth every penny) for Matthew to use when he changes diapers, nights, and traveling, since juggling a squirming Squishy, a prefold, a doubler, diaper lotion, and wipes can get complicated.
5. Marcus is studying Canada. Rebecca is studying Mesopotamia. Both are doing well in their math and reading. Science textbooks for children… well, they’re better off reading a selection of non-fiction science books, and let’s leave it at that. Regular walks to the library help get us all out of the house. Squishy usually falls asleep in her sling after the first block.
6. I have a five gallon pail of laundry detergent in my living room at the moment. 1,280 loads’ worth. I do a lot of laundry.
7. Squishy likes listening to her CDs. Squishy likes listening to her CDs a lot. Matthew and I can sleep through her CDs, we are just that tuckered at the end of the day.
8. Squishy also likes listening to Tim Gunn. Squishy may discover a love of fashion later in her life, because I have a playlist of all Tim Gunn, all the time.
9. Marcus is warming up to Squishy. He offered to hold her while I got him a snack the other day. For an eight-year-old boy, that’s warm.
10. Rebecca loves her little sister. God help me, but I got her _The Little Mermaid_ DVD for her upcoming birthday. And _Cinderella_. I am so going to hell.
11. I cannot upgrade Movable Type, because 3.3 breaks tags something fierce for me. Instead of taking out my frustrations on my defenseless computer, I have been knitting. Rebecca has cabled mittens. Squishy will have a jumper. Yay, knitting.
12. Mostly human. Mostly.

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  1. All things considered, it sounds like a pretty good life – Auntie Donna highly recommends pre-skank Lindsay Lohan in the Parent Trap, by the way – Rebecca will probably love that movie as much as I do. 🙂

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