I Hate Elmer Fudd

At this moment in time, there is nothing so disturbing as hearing the tiny Elmer Fudd in my head singing, “Killed a wabbit, killed a wabbit, killed a waaaaaaaabbit just now. Oh, I just now killed a wabbit, killed a wabbit just now.”

The good news, however, is that the remaining two babies are fine. I trekked outside around midnight armed with a flashlight and saw the flash of the mother rabbit’s eyes as she sat on her nest. She didn’t bolt, and I backed away slowly and went back inside the house.

When I checked on it this morning, the nest was all tucked into itself securely, so I guess things will turn out okay. I’ll have to make sure the kids don’t disturb it, and have my camera ready in about two weeks when the babies start venturing out to explore my backyard.