Busdriver Samples Bach, Film At 11

On the offhand chance that this information may prove useful to someone: the flute track from Busdriver’s song “Imaginary Places” on [amazon asin=”B0000A4G7Q”]_Temporary Forever_[/amazon] is from Suite for Orchestra No. 2 in B Minor, BWV 1067 7. Badinerie by Johann Sebastian Bach. The sampled part of this track can be heard as a song sample on [amazon asin=”B0000058I1″]_25 Bach Favorites_[/amazon].

5 thoughts on “Busdriver Samples Bach, Film At 11

  1. thank you very much! haha i actually did find this useful, i used the music in a project and i know my professor will jump me during the presentation and ask where the flute is from.

  2. thank you so much
    ive been searching for a while before finding this
    just bits and pieces of searching over 2-3 years
    thanks heaps

  3. omgsh. my friend showed me that song and i have been trying to figure out what the background flute park was. i am thinking about making it my personal goal to play it by graduation

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