The Third Commandment

MySQL went onto OS X without much of a hitch using DarwinPorts, as did updated versions of PHP, Perl, and various modules therein. PostgreSQL seems to be working, but something about Movable Type causes it to not be accessible via ObjectDriver–a stub program I wrote in Perl can access the data in a test database via DBD::Pg just fine, but MT chokes on the same username/password/database combination in mt.cfg.

Math::Pari can kiss my grits. Crypt::DSA made me cry. I despair of ever making sense of that mess of hacks, patches, and recompiles.

ImageMagick can take a hike. I gritted my teeth and installed NetPBM instead. Maybe I’ll use the DarwinPorts version of ImageMagick and see if it plays nicely with PHP; other than that, though, I’m sick of it.

I’d hoped to get MT3.01D working in a PostgreSQL environment, but ended up using MySQL for it instead. It’s installed, however, and working nicely.

Having root is overrated.

6 thoughts on “The Third Commandment

  1. For what it is worth, Crypt::DSA really did make me cry. (It didn’t help that it is dependent on the Math::Pari module and well, that compile session ended in massive amounts of cursing.)

    The neatness is that I now have a portable Movable Type on which I can inflict massive amounts of Perl without Internet access.

  2. You spent your birthday weekend installing software? I spent your birthday weekend knitting on your socks!

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