Links For 04 August 2008

[Closet cleanout – the woman in her 30s](
: What to keep and what to trash when you hit your thirties.

[The little black box](
: Advertise small business products via mail sampling.

: Flubber recipe from OMSI using Borax and white glue.

Links For 07 July 2008

[Seams and seam finishes 2](
: Illustrated instructions for the strap seam, corded seam, piped seam, curved seam, enclosed seam, crossed seams, whipped seam , seam with inserts, and bias seam. Also covers finishing techniques such as raw seam edges, pinking, clean finish with silk seam, binding, overcasting, hemstitching, and picoting.

[Seams and seam finishes 1](
: Illustrated instructions for the plain seam, stitched plain seam, flat fell seam, hemfelled seam, flannel fell seam, welt seam, slot seam, French seam, upholsterer’s seam, false French seam, French fell seam, fagoted seam, hemstitched seam, lapped seam, tucked seam, lapped hemstitched seam, machine picoted seam, and rolled whipped seam.

Links For 16 June 2008

[Doughnut muffins](
: A best-of-both-worlds recipe. Taste of doughnuts, ease of muffins.

[Luscious lemon slices](
: Recipe from “Mix & Bake” by Belinda Jeffery.

[The cheapest fruits and vegetables month-by-month](
: Month-by-month lists of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

[The best time to buy everything](
: Lists of when common foods and household items are generally on sale. (In-season foods, closeout household items.)

[Ten dollar meals](
: A variety of meal plans for under ten dollars.

: A cross-referenced code library of Open Source PHP projects.