Links For 02 October 2007

[Grid layout](
: Grid layouts JavaScript for web designers.

[Resin and silver pendant](,2025,DIY_13762_3555334,00.html)
: Instructions for a resin and silver pendant by Melissa Muszynski.

[Peasant cap pattern](
: Pattern for a tie-brim knitted hat.

Links For 30 September 2007

: Create palettes using the Kuler Flash application.

[Color palette generator](
: Creates a palette from a specified image.

[Color hunter](
: Uses the Flickr API to generate a palette from an image.

: Generates a 6-color palette from a base color.

[Nomadic functions](
: Nomadic functions in JavaScript licensed under Creative Commons.

[DHTML color sphere](
: Color picker licensed for use under Creative Commons.

[Colorschemer gallery](
: User-contributed color palettes for ColorSchemer.

: Collection of articles about color and user-contributed palettes.

[Color palette creator](
: Creates a range of shades from a base color by adjusting opacity over a white and black background.