Save The Worms!

I spent the entire afternoon outside stripping sod from the front yard. (I say sod, but really, it was a mix of grass and weeds and green things. Sod is being kind.) Four inches down, two feet across, ten feet long. Four times. I filled a wheelbarrow every half block, and Matthew carted it to the backyard where sod is needed, and Marcus brought back the empty barrow. I tried to save as many worms as I could; they kept making for the sidewalk. Morons.

I offered Marcus five dollars if he’d eat a worm. He said he didn’t have any ketchup on him. Clever boy. He picked up the slack while Matthew and I worked on our gardening stuff. Marcus walked Kaylee up and down the block and brought us drinks and ferried Madeline around and otherwise helped out a great deal. Rebecca, having failed at breaking sod and bored by other tasks, did the dishes and babysat Madeline inside the house.

So that finished off half of the front yard planter boxes. The raspberries went in yesterday in a nice hedgerow of six canes. I am restraining myself from getting more. Restraint! Must show restraint!