Pass It On

I’m finally sick as a dog; it only took a week for the germs to get to me. Evil germs.

But they won, and I lost, and now my sinuses are popping and crackling like a bowl of Rice Krispies(r) and my head hurts and I can’t decide if I’m freezing or having hot flashes and I spent the day feeling sick to my stomach and trying really hard to not throw up.

Today, I did one load of dishes. I did not fold laundry. I did not clean.


The Casserole Cabinet

### Found

* One small round casserole.
* One medium shallow casserole.
* One medium deep casserole.
* One square casserole.
* Ice cream, popsicle, and pancake molds.

### Moved to the shed for further consideration

* The roasting pan and cover.
* The coffeemaker, because we drink instant. When we had one child, it was easy to mostly keep up with the coffee machine. Now, not so much.
* The coffee grinder, because again, instant.
* The blender, because it released its magic smoke and now only operates on one speed.
* The mini food processor, because it is too small for a single avocado worth of guacamole, which means I never really use it.

No time for the top of the refridgerator, unfortunately, but i may be able to catch that after an interview/coffee chat with a friend tomorrow.

The Kitchen Bins And Anything Drawer

### Found

* A billion lighter flints, safety pins, thumbtacks, rubber bands, keys, hinges, and screws.
* All of my measuring cups and spoons.
* Many Gladware(r) lids, not so many Gladware containers.
* Assorted coins, which Rebecca immediately claimed for her piggy bank.
* All of the pieces of my cookie press, meat grinder attachment, grating attachment, and pastry bag.
* Cookie cutters galore!

### Discarded

* Two dead onions. Really dead. Or undead. They were hiding their zombie status.
* Two Pyrex lids whose casseroles were long gone. (I weep at the loss of my casseroles, though.)
* Rubber baby bottle nipples.
* Dead batteries. Again with the dead.

I also took the opportunity to re-season my Lodge(r) cast iron Dutch oven, and to wash each bin in the bathtub before putting it back on the clean counter and re-organizing all of the contents. Tomorrow, the cabinets and the other kitchen counter.

From Hero To Zero

When he did reading work this morning, Marcus said he wanted cough drops. I thought he was faking.

When I drove Rebecca to gymnastics, he slept in the car. I thought the weekend might have tired him out.

When I drove to the bank to make a deposit, he sat quietly in the lobby and didn’t make a peep. I thought he was running a temperature and might have a bug.

When we stopped to get him cough syrup, he rode in the shopping cart. I thought he might have a bigger bug and bought flu-specific Triaminic.

When we walked in the door, he made a beeline for the bathroom and almost but not quite made it to the toilet before vomiting profusely. I hate being right 25% of the time.