Bloom’s store-brand bread is up to $1.89 per loaf from $1.69 per loaf. I spent several minutes at the meat counter figuring out how to get the biggest bang for my buck from the orange-tagged packages. Even tortilla chips are more expensive.

I’m a lot more careful about using up leftovers.

09 February 2008


* Matthew finally carried the baby’s cradle out to the storage container. Yes, we have a storage container in our backyard. Anyway, with it out of our room, I no longer have a convenient place to toss clean unfolded laundry. My laundry-piling days are over. Woe is me! Woe!
* He also brought the filing cabinet downstairs from the girls’ room. Now I can work on the second half of Marcus’s mess (the first half is entirely his own fault), which will mean that I’ve entirely decluttered the house except for Matthew’s office.
* Rebecca finished her flower and ladybug sampler and immediately launched into the teeny tiny bookmark with roses on it. Fear. I had to pick out the first row because I cannot count and started her off in the wrong place.
* Dishes. Laundry. Tossed the tennis ball for Kaylee and had doggie love showered upon me. Gave the baby the last banana.
* Madeline says “banana” now. She pronounces it “nanalabalabalaba”.
* Marcus called me up to his room to show me how well he was cleaning up. His floor was covered with red cups full of Legos. His Lego bin was half empty. I bit my tongue. Hard. And worked a bit alongside him consolidating things. His problem is that he wants to micro-clean–sorting Legos by color and shape, when what really needs to be done is macrocleaning–putting all the Legos into a bin and getting them off the floor.

07 January 2008


* I installed the FeedBurner plugin.
* I started working on a counted cross stitch bookmark kit. I’m testing it! Yes, that’s it! To see if it is suitable for Rebecca!
* Rebecca finished the blue flower and started on the leaves.
* Class was okay. I spent the morning debating whether I was up to it; glad I went, though, as the review of our partial fractions homework was amusing.

04 February 2008


* I ate a muffuletta for dinner. Well, half of one. It is the best sandwich in the whole wide world. It was, alas, homemade and not from Anthony’s Italian Deli, but I will live.
* I did the math assignment that I’ve been avoiding for the last week. It was not hard, I was just uninspired.
* Rebecca finished half of a flower on her new counted cross stitch kit. Suddenly math is important. Stitches left in a row, reading charts, oh no! Math!
* I caught Marcus reading instead of doing his grammar. He was sitting at his desk with his book in his lap so as to look like he was doing grammar. Like mother, like son?
* I accidentally left the top loose on the pail of dog food and we caught Kaylee just as she’d worked it off and was beginning to chew through the bag. Clever. She was most unhappy about having the whole five gallon pail taken away from her. I gave her a handful of frozen peas to make up for it.

03 February 2008


* I made a huge pot of chili, extra hot. Triple the peppers, and a whole can of chipotles in adobo sauce. It went over very well. I also made gluten-free cornbread from a mix; not half bad.
* We used the wagon to haul the television back from the shed, as Matthew threw his back out when he carried it out in the first place.

02 February 2008


* The last (or next-to-last) 1099 came in the mail, so I did a quick run through of our taxes. Yay, taxes. I’ll have to block out some time with copious amounts of tea and chocolate to do the final tally.
* We went to WalMart and bought a belt for Rebecca and a scale for the bathroom. When we got home, we discovered that they had not rung up the belt on the receipt. We will go back on Monday to pay for it. Annoying.
* We went out to dinner at Bonefish. They have a gluten-free menu; I had trout with lemon butter, Matthew had a steak, and the baby had calamari tentacles, French fries, and key lime pie. The kids shared a brownie with strawberry sauce and vanilla ice cream for dessert after they cleaned their plates. It was really nice.

01 February 2008


* I woke up to miserable, drenching rain. No doggie walks. Lots of stir crazy.
* I made potato soup for the Friday fooding.
* I fiddled with Photoshop and Illustrator and finished my punchlist for . Added a plugin, found out the YouTube API has some issues, made pretty logo graphics, etc.
* Rebecca did math without complaining… much.