Revisionist History

Long story very much abbreviated…

I ended up killing time at Borders with Madeline while Matthew, Marcus, and Rebecca caught _Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix_ at the local movie theater. On my way out, I impulsively picked up Judy Blume’s _Superfudge_ series from the clearance racks.

Marcus ran off with _Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing_ as soon as we got home, so I sat down with _Superfudge_. Three-fourths of the way through it, I was nastily yanked from my stroll through memory lane when I read this, emphasis mine:

bq. Dear Santa,
Please bring me one or more of the following items. A clock radio, a remote-controlled model airplane, *a laptop computer, an MP3 player and six CD’s*.

To which I say, bah and humbug. I am very much unamused.