Gearing Up

All of the kids’ schoolbooks arrived yesterday, so I spent the afternoon straightening out the kitchen and arranging a shelf for all of their school supplies. I still need to get crayons, glue, staples, pushpins, and a large corkboard, but we’re on the road to being ready when September rolls around. Marcus will be starting a first grade curriculum and Becca will be doing pre-K. I’ll see how she does–she’s a November birthday (and late November at that) but since I’m homeschooling, I have a bit of freedom and can weather the occasional all-out tantrum.

Assuming that I have a working car in time, I’ll enroll to two of them in gymnastics and ballet (or rather, tumbling and pre-dance). There are a lot of schools locally, but I really want to check on their teaching methods before I sign the kids up for anything. The car is also kind of necessary for getting to and from the schools in the first place. So it goes.

I can’t wait for summer to be over.

Tap, Tap, Tap

Right. Long time, no write.

I have an excuse, though. Business picked up. No sooner had I wrapped up a major contract than the kids and I were on a train to visit my parents for a week.

Got back, got sick, signed a new contract. I’m loving the work, since it forces me to manage my time.

I’ve also got a logo and hang-tag design in progress for a friend, and well, I’ll be hopping for the next few months at this rate. Hopefully, though, I’ll manage to update more frequently.