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Housekeeping Tip #1

It’s Not Easy Being Green

The cloth diapering world was recently hit with the scandal that the “organic bamboo velour” (and fleece, and terry, and jersey) that has been touted to hell and back as being eco-friendly, naturally anti-microbial and anti-fungal, and an all-around miracle fabric is, in fact, rayon. Oops.

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Have Tent, Will Travel

Last week, Matthew loaded up the truck and the whole family went camping in northeastern PA. One of his online forum friends owns a mountain; we spent Thursday through Sunday living on it.

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05 August 2009


* L. and I met up at House of Bounce for their morning bounce session. Abigail managed to spit up all over my shirt in spite of careful handling. Marcus sprained his wrist. Madeline refused to leave. Good times!
* I made an awesome [link slug=”hot-crab-dip-and-crostini”] to bring over to my weekly girls’-night-in with L.
* Abigail woke up from a nap and her mosquito bite was well on its way to being infected, so we took her to Emergicare. Antibiotics for the next week, etc. (As I write this, it already looks much better.)

Hot crab dip and crostini

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Me: Madeline, you’re tired.
Madeline: No, I’m not, I’m _Madeline_!