Monthly Archives: March 2008

Links For 21 March 2008

: Recipe for the Indian grilled flatbread.

: Recipe for the classic Argentinian parsley sauce.

Links For 08 March 2008

[Labyrinth worm](
: “No, I said ‘Ello’, but that’s close enough!”

Worst Idea Ever

[401k]( [debit]( [cards]( Because the average American consumer has already shown such great self-control in matters of personal finance that we need to give them fresh rope.

Links For 01 March 2008

[WP themer kit](
: Toolkit for WordPress theme creation.

Links For 28 February 2008

: Convert the first 10,000 digits of pi into a musical sequence based on the notes of your choice.

[How to write a spelling corrector](
: An explanation of the statistical language processing problem of spelling correction.

[Bacon cups](
: Best use of bacon ever!